org.tm4j.config.xml Provides functionality for dealing with references to external resources.
org.tm4j.tmapi.core An implementation of the draft TMAPI interfaces.
org.tm4j.tolog DEPRECATED
org.tm4j.topicmap Provides the core interfaces of the TM4J Topic Map Engine.
org.tm4j.topicmap.index Provides the core interface for a flexible indexing architecture.
org.tm4j.topicmap.index.basic Provides additional interfaces for "basic" indexing functionality.
org.tm4j.topicmap.index.text Provides interfaces for text indexing functionality and basic implementations using jakarta-lucene.
org.tm4j.topicmap.source Provides an abstract representation sources of TopicMaps and an implementation for serialized TopicMaps
org.tm4j.topicmap.unified Implements a TM4J back-end which merges topic maps from one or more other back-end implementations dynamically.
org.tm4j.topicmap.utils Contains utility classes providing additional functionality for the TM4J API.
org.tm4j.topicmap.utils.extractors Provides reusable and composable functions for retrieving information from a variety of topic map constructs.
org.tm4j.topicmap.utils.testers Testers are predicate functions that evaluate a function and return true or false.
org.tm4j.utils A small collection of utility classes that are/were used by TM4J's main packages.
org.tm4j.utils.predicates Some utility classes implementing the Mango Predicate interface.