TM4J Command-line tools documentation

TM4J includes a couple of command-line utilities for manipulating topic maps. These tools are individually documented.

From TM4J version 0.8.3, scripts are provided for running these command-line applications more conveniently. All of the scripts are located in the bin subdirectory of the TM4J installation. To run the commands from the base directory of your TM4J installation, you can simply use a command like:

bin\merge your_command_line_options or

The scripts can also be invoked from other directories, but to do so, you must first set the environment variable TM4J_HOME to the location of your TM4J installation. On Windows you can use the following commands to set up your environment:

set TM4J_HOME=c:\tools\tm4j
set PATH=%TM4J%\bin;%PATH%

On *nix, the equivalent commands would be:

export TM4J_HOME=~/tools/tm4j
export PATH=$TM4J_HOME/bin:$PATH



These tools do not currently support processing topic maps held in the Ozone or Hibernate persistent stores. We expect to implement support for the persistent back-ends in these and other tools in future releases.

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