org.tm4j.tmnav.renderer.section .SectionTableModel


A TableModel, used by several sections

Inheritance Hierarchy

Method Summary
void addRow(java.lang.Object[] row)
Adds a row.
void clear()
Clears all data
java.lang.Class getColumnClass(int columnIndex)
void getColumnCount()
java.lang.String getColumnName(int column)
void getRowCount()
void getSortedColumn()
java.lang.Object getValueAt(int rowIndex,int columnIndex)
void isSortedAscending()
void setColumns(java.lang.String[] cols)
Sets the columns.
void setSortedAscending(boolean b)
Sets the sortoder
void setSortedColumn(int i)
Sets the index of the column that will be the sort column
void sortData()
Sort a column
void toggleSortDirection()
Toggles the sort direction
void useMatrix(org.tm4j.panckoucke.impl.abstraction.util.MatrixNode mn,int colToIgnore)
Fill the table model with values from the given MatrixNode.