org.tm4j.tmnav.renderer.section .SectionPanel


Section that displays all Occurrences in a JTable

Field Summary
Method Summary
javax.swing.JPanel addMatrices(java.util.List matrices,java.lang.Object toIgnore)
Adds the data from the given matrices to the a JPanel and returns the panel.
void addPropertyRow(org.tm4j.tmnav.renderer.section.GridBagPanel dataPanel,org.tm4j.panckoucke.impl.abstraction.util.MatrixNode mn,int col)
adds a property row to the given GridBagPanel.
void fill(org.tm4j.panckoucke.model.AMNode nodeForSection,org.tm4j.panckoucke.model.AMNode centerNode)
java.lang.String getFixedTitle()
void reset()
Removes all Componentes from this Panel and re-adds the titleBar
void setContentComponent(java.awt.Component contentComponent)
Must be called by the extending class in order to add the component that will display the contents of this section
void setFixedTitle(java.lang.String fixedTitle)
void setTitle(java.lang.String title)
Sets the title of this section