Java Interface Summary

Java Interface Summary Defines a locator that represents a Formal Public Identifier (FPI). The interface to be supported by all classes implementing resolvable addresses in TM4J. Interface that is implemented by factory classes used for the creation of Locators. Interface for objects which are capable of returning a stream for a given locator. Manages a collection of LocatorResolvers. Defines a locator that represents a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI).
org.tm4j.panckoucke.abstraction.AbstractionContext The AbstractionContext-Interface collects properties which provide more detailed input to the abstraction process.
org.tm4j.panckoucke.abstraction.AbstractionContributor This interface intends to split up the abstraction process in a modular way to enable lightweight implementaton of new Abstractors
org.tm4j.panckoucke.abstraction.Abstractor The Abstractor interface which implementations to build a graph from the given topic map properties.
org.tm4j.panckoucke.abstraction.InstantiableAbstractor This interface extends the Abstractor-Interface in two ways 1.
org.tm4j.panckoucke.context.ContextFactory FactoryInterface to create PanckouckeContexts.
org.tm4j.panckoucke.context.PanckouckeContext PanckouckeContext is a collection of important resources that a client of Panckoucke must deal with.
org.tm4j.panckoucke.impl.abstraction.HierarchicalClassifier Implementations of this interface may be used to classify the 'enviroment' of a given topic.
org.tm4j.panckoucke.impl.abstraction.MatrixClassifier Implementations of this interface may be used to classify the 'enviroment' of a given topic.
org.tm4j.panckoucke.model.AMArc This represents an Arc in panckoucke abstract model.
org.tm4j.panckoucke.model.AMGestalt The Gestalt-Interface allows the Abstractors to add detailed information to the resulting model.
org.tm4j.panckoucke.model.AMLocator The AMLocator-Interface is intended to hold an URI in any notation The Interface is a bit sparse.
org.tm4j.panckoucke.model.AMMember The base class for all elements of an panckoucke abstract model * * @author Christoph Froehlich, c_froehlich at
org.tm4j.panckoucke.model.AMNode This represents an Node in panckoucke abstract model.
org.tm4j.panckoucke.model.AModel The AbstractionModel defines a Graph which results from an abstraction process and is passed to a renderer for visualisation purpose.
org.tm4j.panckoucke.model.AModelFactory Factory class for AModel implementations * * @author Christoph Fröhlich
org.tm4j.panckoucke.notification.Notification Objects which are instances of this interface represent a Panckoucke- Notification.
org.tm4j.panckoucke.notification.NotificationListener Objects which are instances of this interface may receive Panckoucke-Notifications
org.tm4j.panckoucke.notification.NotificationRegistry Defines a registry for objects which want to receive panckoucke-events
org.tm4j.panckoucke.notification.NotificationType This interface defines a set of constants to identify a particular type of notification
org.tm4j.panckoucke.render.HttpRenderer This interfaces defines Methods for Renderers creating output for an HTTP environment
org.tm4j.panckoucke.render.Renderer This Interface is implemented by specific renderers which are capable to visualize a panckoucke abstract model.
org.tm4j.panckoucke.render.UserInterfaceRenderer Extension of the Renderer interface defining methods for using an Renderer in a swing environment
org.tm4j.panckoucke.render.graph.Besteck Generic interface for position data inside a coordinate system
org.tm4j.panckoucke.render.graph.GraphAlgorithm This represents an Algorithm which is used for creating a "nice" Graph out of a panoucke GraphModel
org.tm4j.panckoucke.render.graph.GraphRenderer Specialised interface defining methods for a graph style renderer Should be used together with IGraphAlgorithm
org.tm4j.panckoucke.render.rep.Representation Interface for a concrete visual Representation used by a Renderer As the concrete implementations are specialised for the Renderer, no methods are provided in the Interface
org.tm4j.panckoucke.render.rep.RepresentationRegistry This class provides Applications with an extendable Registry for IRepresentation-Instances. Wrapper around a TopicMapProvider and it's initializing properties Created on 17.02.2003 This interface is part of the panckoucke-API It is used to enable client applications to access the central TopicmapStore of Panckoucke in a backend independant way. This interface defines a set of state-constants which represent the lifecyle of a TopicmapObject, managed by the panckoucke central TopicMapStore Wrapper for a TopicMap in any State. An Interface that allow renderers to take part in TMNav The base interface for panckoucke events. Dispatcher and event generator interface for panckoucke related events. Interface for panckoucke event listener. This interface defines several constants which may be used in panckoucke implementations to distinguish certain eventtypes. Classes implememt this interface to be invoked with a distinct selection. Classes that implement this interface will be able to return a JMenuItem that will become part of one of TMNavs Menus Classes implememt this interface to be invoked with a distinct AMMember. Classes that implement this interface will be able to return a JMenuItem that will become part of one of TMNavs Menus Implementors of this interface compose a linked list of objects, that contribute JMenuItems to a PopUpMenu.
org.tm4j.tmnav.env.TMNavShutdownListener All classes that are interested to be notified of an upcoming shutdown of tmnav should
  • implement this interface
  • register themselves as shutdown-listeners.
org.tm4j.tolog.Extension Classes which implement this interface can be used to provide extension predicates to the Tolog language.
org.tm4j.tologx.PreparedQuery Represents a parsed, optimized tolog query which can be executed as often as required.
org.tm4j.tologx.QueryEvaluator This is the high-level interface to the tolog 1.0 query engine.
org.tm4j.tologx.TologFragmentBuilder The interface for implementations which export a TologResultsSet into a TopicMapFragment.
org.tm4j.tologx.TologResultsSet This interface represents a collection of results from a single Tolog query.
org.tm4j.topicmap.Association This interface describes an association between one or more topics, subject indicators, or resources.

This interface describes a base name associated with a topic.

org.tm4j.topicmap.DataObject Base interface for interfaces which represent topic map elements containing character data or remote resource references.
org.tm4j.topicmap.Member Represents a member of an association.
org.tm4j.topicmap.NamedObject This is an empty interface used to group objects which may be the parent of a BaseName object.
org.tm4j.topicmap.Occurrence This interface defines a single occurrence construct in a Topic Map.
org.tm4j.topicmap.ProviderTransaction The interface for a transaction managed by a TopicMapProvider.
org.tm4j.topicmap.ScopedObject This interface describes a Topic Map construct which is scoped, and whose validity is thereby constrained to the set of topics that comprise the scope.
org.tm4j.topicmap.Topic This interface describes a topic in a Topic Map.
org.tm4j.topicmap.TopicMap This interface defines the whole Topic Map construct.
org.tm4j.topicmap.TopicMapFactory This interface defines a factory object for copying the whole family of Topic Map objects.
org.tm4j.topicmap.TopicMapManager This interface is implemented by classes which provide aggregation services for TopicMapProviders.

The generic base interface for topic map objects.

org.tm4j.topicmap.TopicMapProvider Interface implemented by an object which wishes to be the source of a TopicMap object.
org.tm4j.topicmap.TopicMapUtils This interface defines the basic set of utility functions expected from a topic map engine.
org.tm4j.topicmap.Variant This interface is used to define an alternate naming scheme for a topic.
org.tm4j.topicmap.VariantContainer The base interface for an object which may contain a list of child Variants.
org.tm4j.topicmap.VariantName Interface representing an alternate name for a topic.
org.tm4j.topicmap.index.ConfigurableIndex The interface to be implemented by an index managed by a ConfigurableIndexProvider.

The basic interface which must be supported by all index implementations.

org.tm4j.topicmap.index.IndexManager An IndexManager controls access to all of the indexes for a particular topic map.
org.tm4j.topicmap.index.IndexMeta Provides basic meta data regarding the index to the IndexManager and to users of the Index interface.
org.tm4j.topicmap.index.IndexProvider This is the SPI for new index implementations which must be supported by all implementations of indexes.
org.tm4j.topicmap.index.basic.AssociationTypesIndex This interface provides mechanisms dealing with association types, the topics defining the types of associations.
org.tm4j.topicmap.index.basic.BaseNameDataIndex Interface that provides an index of BaseName instances by their data property.
org.tm4j.topicmap.index.basic.MemberTypesIndex This interface provides mechanisms dealing with member types, the topics defining the types of association members.
org.tm4j.topicmap.index.basic.OccurrenceDataIndex This interface provides an index of Occurrence instances by the full text value of the data property.
org.tm4j.topicmap.index.basic.OccurrenceLocatorIndex This interface provides an index of Occurrences by the locator of the resource they refer to.
org.tm4j.topicmap.index.basic.OccurrenceTypesIndex This interface provides mechanisms dealing with member types, the topics defining the types of occurrences.
org.tm4j.topicmap.index.basic.ThemesIndex An index of all themes used to scope characteristics in a topic map.
org.tm4j.topicmap.index.basic.TopicTypesIndex This interface provides mechanisms dealing with topic types, the topics defining the types of other topics.
org.tm4j.topicmap.index.basic.VariantDataIndex Interface that provides an index of Variant instances by the data property of their child VariantName instance.
org.tm4j.topicmap.index.basic.VariantLocatorIndex This interface provides an index of Variants by the locator of the resource that their child VariantName object refers to.
org.tm4j.topicmap.index.text.FullTextIndex Defines Methods for using a FullTextIndex.
org.tm4j.topicmap.index.text.QueryHit This interface defines methods for accessing a concrete hit when quering the full text index
org.tm4j.topicmap.index.text.QueryResult This encapsulates the Result of Quering a FullText Index
org.tm4j.topicmap.source.TopicMapSource A abstract representation for the source of a TopicMap.
org.tm4j.topicmap.utils.IDGenerator The interface for a pseudo-unique identifier generator.
org.tm4j.topicmap.utils.IDMappingStrategy This strategy interface is used by the TopicMapCopier object to determine how to map an ID value for a source object to the ID value to be assigned to the copied object.
org.tm4j.topicmap.utils.TopicMapBuilder The interface for a process which parses a topic map in a specific syntax and creates TopicMapObjects from it.
org.tm4j.topicmap.utils.TopicMapWriter Extends the TopicMapHandler interface to provide a means for a SAX2 ContentHandler and ErrorHandler to be registered with the Walker.